Self- Care Sundays


Self Care-Sundays

Today I had the epiphany that I need to declare one day out of the week to just being alone and taking care of myself and my body. I work long weeks at a job where I have to give my energy to tons of people, often times who are not nice and aren't worthy of my time. Then I have to dedicate a lot of my time to school which is technically for me , but its just not the same.  

I work myself until the point where I don't want to do anything for long periods of time and its because I'm not taking time to re-boot and refresh myself on a regular basis that I just shut down. With school coming up, I'm already knowing that my time for myself is going to get cut. 

As of recently I've been doing a nightly skincare routine that gives me some sense of feeling replenished, but I decided today that I also need to give myself a whole day from now on. I will do anything that will bring me joy and will set my goals for the week. 

With that being said,  prepare to receive weekly updates on what I do on my self-care Sunday's!