My First Blog of 2018!

I know it's rolling onto the last week of January, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! Man, I haven't touched a computer to type for pleasure in I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG! Between my first blog post on my site and now, I did so much that I never even thought I was really going to accomplish so quick. I completed a goal off of my list of " Things I want to accomplish in 5 Years" and that was hosting the red carpet for the BET Awards, I filmed the second season of my talk show which i'm in love with, and I am now coming up on the last semester of Junior College. Like where the HELL did time go?

These past few months have been nuts, because I had to take about 14 units at school, on top of working, and trying live my life. Honey when I tell you I was tired....I WAS TIRED. That was the first time I can actually say I did not sleep for months and my body paid for it. I did not write blogs, or do any media; the career aspect of my life was deceased for those few months. 

Fast forward to now, I am still working a dreadful job in retail, but I have way more time with only having two classes so hopefully if I don't feel like pushing to be on red carpets, I will have more time for The Daily T.

When the new year started, I told myself I was not over extending myself for anyone, and I was going to give me all of my attention. So since the year started after I got back from my amazing trip to D.C, I reset my life. I deleted apps, focused on drinking more water, eating right, and doing some form of meditation everyday... prettttty much, I've been minding my damn business. Its only been two weeks y'all (LMAO), but I feel FAN-F'ING-TASTIC. There's nothing better than feeling like you are really taking care of your mind, body, and soul to the best of your abilities. 

I honestly don't plan to stop here either. I start a fitness bootcamp Feb 1st, and I am so damn excited about what Im about to get my crazy ass into, I could hardly wait. I can just imagine coming home sore as shit but so happy that I'm not home moping feeling sorry for myself because I feel like crap. UGH Never going back there again. NOBODY HAS TIME FOR A PITY PARTY BABY! 

I have a list of goals that I plan to fulfill for the year, so Im staying low-key and just pacing myself.

I'll be blogging more thats for sure! 

My 2018 right now is pretty lit, I can't complain.