Bed Time Yoga Helps

Some of you may or may not know, a few years ago I was in a deep depression that took me away from activities I once loved such as, dancing, hiking, and running. I was such a big fit junkie to the point where I was working out in between classes two times a day. But life veered me off course and here I am still trying to pick up the pieces of the mess that transpired nearly 3 years ago. Lol Healing doesn’t happen overnight!

 Occasionally, I fall into these brief periods of slight sadness that takes me off of my game, but I always manage to come back by going out on a nice date with my boyfriend, calling my friends, or even just sitting in silence and talking to God counting my blessings. Today or this week rather was much different. I could not for the life of me shake this feeling and it was not leaving. No matter what I did, I still found myself out of it mentally.

 Something in my spirit moved me to start looking up yoga YouTube videos and I came across a great one called “STRETCH IN BED | 10 Minutes in the Morning / Before Sleep”


Not going to lie, it made me feel so much better. I guess being able to focus on myself and something other than my next step for school or my crazy life was very much like the quick break my mind needed for now. I turned that video on mute and searched for an R&B Yoga playlist on Apple Music and stretched out the gloomy thoughts that were trying to linger. This isn’t a cure for your depression or your sadness, but it could be a great mechanism to ease some stress or help you begin a busy day. No one has time to walk around in bad moods!  I hope this minor tool can help you on your daily walk.

 Slow down and take care of your mind like you do everything else in your life!

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Song Playlist I found on Apple Music!